Week 28-29 Report

Jan the Spider

So, I spent the last few days feeling pretty much under the weather, but I did manage to render the last batch of images for the upcoming update.

That’s 56 new images which will focus on Harley’s 3rd Tier.

This picture will be included in the update, so it’s kind of a foreshadowing as to what is going to happen…

Feel free to ponder it over, because I don’t want to spoil too much.

Now I’m just looking over the pics, fixing just the tiniest of flaws where I spot them and making sure everything looks right.

Then I’ll start writing down the dialogue, which to tell you the truth I usually just dread, before finally sitting down and banging most of it down in a few days.

I don’t want to set a date in stone just yet, I’ll tell you why:

It’s mainly because I hate to get you people excited and then having to postpone, but I promise you I have been working my ass off to be able to bring you the same kind of content that you’ve come to expect.

Hopefully I won’t have to make another post before you guys have the update.


As for myself I worked on setting up this devblog, installing what was obviously needed, tweaking the style to something I was satisfied with, it turned out quite better than anticipated really.

Anyway, I’m sure I’m not even started to tweak it as I’m sure that with time we will find that we lack a good deal of features. For example I might add a bbPress or something alike, I would like to have a better place for you to post bug reports and questions. There also might be some bugtracker plugin out there, I don’t know, didn’t checked yet, not really needed as there is no new gameplay feature plan short term, not until I have a decent keyboard to program on anyway, the handicap not having a good keyboard is the reason I started a series of posts about my process of making it (c.f. Project : Shining Armor).

Speaking of which I also continued working on it, I calculated as best as could the specs I needed for everything to work, finished the circuit schematics and started started the layout of the PCB. It’s coming along nicely but my computer was in a little bit of a blue error spree this week and the mobile phone network is quite spotty, so I was slowed down way too much for my liking.

Also being in holidays doesn’t help me to keep any sleep habit, so I’m only able to keep track of what I did more that 5h back. But I’m still able to know what part of the week it is.

It’s funny, I would say I have a almost decent absolute time frame while having a completely destroyed relative one.

But enough rambling for a single report, it’s kinda off topic really and I don’t want to belittle the work of Jan by telling too much of those poignant stories.

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