Corruption or not ?

As I browse the comments about Deviant Discoveries, I sometime come across one that like or dislike how one girl get corrupted.

And more often than not, I disagree.

… Not about their opinion about said “corruption” but as you may have guessed by the title and the quotes, about the fact they are corrupted at all.


Let’s start by the first.

Chrystal for me is the truly corrupted of the bunch.

She was probably going to be a reasonably successful and balanced person. Maybe heading toward some relationship issues, her naive side would clearly have lead her to suffer from assholes playing her.

Enters the MC. He manipulated her into doing things she would have never do by herself. Nurturing a side of her (exhibitionism) that would have never took off without his guidance.

But that is it, he only started it, and enjoyed the process she was undergoing.

I guess he also supported her when she was in doubt.
I think the most flagrant thing about her relationship with the MC is that she seem to be loyal without being tied to him or incomplete without his input.

And I think that being a depraved yet balanced (mentally so) person is the best example of corruption.


At the time she crossed the path the the MC Kara was already well settled in her life. Well she had some mishap with her ex-husband. But she certainly was an independent woman.

Some would without a doubt say she was a stuck-up bitch, well, it’s hard to deny it. But that is for a perfectly good reason. She had to play the hard-ass for her to be considered seriously. With her being a woman and having such a voluptuous body, it must have been extra hard for her to climb her way to her current position.

Even after being injected with some pink, she tried to control herself.

She arguably fell inside the MC’s hands, but she doesn’t depends on him. She certainly love their relationship. But unless her sex urges are too strong, she will stand her ground.


Yuki situation is different, I won’t talk much about her background that will come in its own time.

But contrary to the previous two, Yuki didn’t started balanced. She had self-esteem and confidence issues. And on top of that she also was recently dumped by her boyfriend that exacerbate those issues.

She was doubly vulnerable.

Thanks to that the MC had no trouble coercing her as she offered no resistance when he tried to blackmailed her.

Once he forced her to be his “assistant”, he worked her weak side turning them into submission while showing her that he cared about her. That is a, if not the, substantial part of her transformation.

She let herself being crafted by the MC. Since he made her to his liking her confidence issues vanished : she couldn’t not suit him. He also gave her a persona to play so that she didn’t need to guess too much about how he wanted her to act.

But doing so he also made her totally dependent of himself. It’s hard to imagine at this state how she couldn’t end up damaged, or even dead, if he decided to reject her.

But one would be hard pressed to not see in her in her latest form someone truly happy.

In that sense I think you cannot talk about corruption, it’s a metamorphosis for sure, but there is no sense of waste in it. She just got fixed in a really naughty way.


Now the rising star of the bunch.

I may as the tradition ask write quite a bit more about her than about the others. So let’s get started.

Harley start as the most provocative of the girls, well the only one to be fair. I won’t serve you the classic “she hides behind her provocative attitude”, I do think it’s pretty much bullshit.

No really, Harley is just a misguided ready-to-be dropout. She doesn’t do well in the courses she attend, because she is simply not interested in those.

She is bored, and what better to pass time that to pick a fight with someone. Maybe create something, you know write shorts or things like that … 😀

But let’s get back to the theme of that post.

I’ll state it bluntly : Harley couldn’t be farther from corrupted.

From the start she was interested into S&M, and she already knew it. She was only shy about it as anyone would be if they were interested into something considered abnormal. And so even if the status of S&M is undeniably changing in the public opinion.

She even displayed her interest, in a camouflaged manner.

As far as their relationship is concerned, they are just enjoying each other’s company. I would even say, that Harley was aware of where they were heading exactly since their first encounter. If she certainly had her doubts at first, she certainly hoped for it.

And maybe because of that the MC injected her without her knowledge.

So let’s talk about her physical changes.

She doesn’t know why she underwent those, but she is liking them. The only impact they have on her is that she is now extra distracted.

So as I said I would ever qualify her as corrupted. I would qualified her as blossomed.


In the end, I would say, very little corruption going on.

There is certainly some moral issues raised, but it’s not like the MC care about them.

So what do you think about my take ? Have I made you change your mind ?