Slow week

Hey, Vaasref here.

I just wanted to tell you that, like you, I’m waiting for Jan the Spider to return so that we can get back to work.

I have also finished to build my keyboard (and will need to write the post about it). It’s not perfect, it’s my first PCB design and my first keyboard build, so there is some issues here and there. But anyway I’m restored in my capacity to program.

I’m quite looking forward to start working again. I have planned some big gameplay changes. They are not for the next release though. As we learned from the SMS update, such addition in a Ren’Py game is quite work intensive.

Even if the game engine is starting to run cleaner and cleaner any substantial change means fighting again Ren’Py to make anything happen. That means bugs, the nasty kind, the kind that is unpredictable and hard to spot. So it’s stressful to release such update in a 1 month time period when a bug can suddenly appear and murder you with a rusty knife.

I’ll probably need to fully utilise git’s capabilities to work in parallel if one new features takes too much time. It’s nothing fancy but it’s a workflow I need to get used to.

With that, I’ll go back to my cave, bye.