…And I’m back.

Hey guys!

Here’s to hoping it’s been a good week for you all.

Me, I just arrived back home this week and kind of had to settle back into the flow of things. Mostly concerning work and things around the house.

That didn’t stop me from using my spare time in the evening to continue working on the next update, which is coming along quite good I might add.

I’m not entirely sure if I had already mentioned that I reworked all of Lola’s content up to and including re-rendering all of her scenes, so playing through those should be a bit more rewarding and hopefully more thought out.

So then it’s on to finishing modelling the last of her new scenes before starting the rendering work.

I’ve still got some work to do before I’m thoroughly satisfied with the content so I’ll be sure to let you guys know. (Maybe I’ll even be posting a teaser if there’s interest in that.)

But really that’s all from me this time.

Thanks for being accepting of my week+ off work and your continued support.


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